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Amarena Cherries

There’s a reason “the cherry on top” is synonymous with being the best part of something. Whether it’s fresh or preserved, chilled, or cooked, a single cherry adorning a slice of cake, ice cream sundae, or craft cocktail instantly feels a dozen times more festive.

Cherries are produced in temperate climates around the world, from Japan to the American Northwest. In Italy, particularly around the cities of Bologna and Modena, a sweet, dark purple cherry grows plentifully. For over a century, these special fruits, known as Amarena cherries, have been preserved in a thick syrup, jarred, and sold across Italy. Now, they are finally available worldwide.

For those who haven’t tried Amarena Cherries before, prepare yourselves for a treat. They don’t taste like any other cherry. These sweet little orbs pack a serious punch; they are rich and sultry, with a creamy texture that pairs perfectly with chocolate, gelato, and all sorts of liqueurs and cocktails.

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How to use Amarena Cherries?

The depth of flavor in Amarena cherries lends them to all sorts of uses, both sweet and savory.Here are a few of our favorites

● Try spooning a few cherries and some syrup over waffles, pancakes, or French toast for a sweet breakfast treat.
● Stir a tablespoon of the syrup into your morning coffee for a flavorful start to the day.
● Churn whole cherries into a batch of homemade rocky road ice cream.
● Next time you play bartender, try replacing grenadine with the syrup from your jar. The cherries also work beautifully as a garnish for a number of spirits, notably whiskey. It’s great in an Old Fashioned!
● For an explosion of sweet and savory flavor, try it as a glaze for pork, chicken or turkey. It also works as a great “secret ingredient” in barbecue sauce.

Who Makes Amarena Cherries?

Fabbri Amarena cherries have been sold since 1905, when, after a decade of candying the local cherries for personal enjoyment, Gennaro and Rachele Fabbri began commercial production. Since the beginning, Fabbri Amarena cherries have been sold in the same iconic blue and ceramic jar that adorns the shelves of Italian grocers and craft cocktail bars.

So why the blue jar? According to the legends, it was Rachele Fabbri who created the first candied Aramena cherry from the fruit trees near her Bologna home. To thank his wife for creating such a tasty treat, Gennaro presented her with a ceramic jar created by Faenza artist Riccardo Gatti, and an iconic product was born.

Fabbri is no longer the only brand candying and selling the lovely cherries we call; Amarena Toschi cherries have been produced in Modena since 1945.

Where can I buy Amarena Cherries?

With its robust flavor, unmatched texture and luxurious packaging, we’re confident that the world’s next “it ingredient” will be Amarena cherries. Where to buy them? We’ve got you covered.

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