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Bee Raw Florida Orange Blossom - 298g (10.5oz)


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Product Description

Product Description:

Every honey is as unique as its floral source. Honeys differs in taste from hive to hive, crop to crop. The honey in this jar is different than any you have ever tasted or will - even if all you'll eat again is bee-raw honey. The honey is in its purest, most unaltered form. It has not been pasteurized, filtered, blended or flavored. The true flavor and nutritional integrity are intact, giving you the honey as it came from the hive - real and raw. Nearly all pure honey will crystalize over time, which is proof of  its natural state - don't panic, it's not spoiled. To soften, place the jar in hot (not boiling) water and stir.

*Nutritional Facts (serving size 1 Tablespoon) - 16g sugars, 17g carbohydrates, 0g fat, 60 calories

Types of Honey:

Bee Raw Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover


298 grams - 10.5 oz.



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