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Prosciutto (Boneless)

What is prosciutto?

A quintessential Italian ham, prosciutto is one of the most famous and versatile types of cured meats. Using the hind legs of the pig, prosciutto di Parma is made by massaging a proportionate amount of salt into the meat. Then, in a climate-controlled environment, the prosciutto is air dried for two months or more. Italian grandmother tested and approved, prosciutto adds a briny richness to pastas, sandwiches, and antipasti platters. Read More

The history of Prosciutto di Parma

The building blocks of Italian cuisine, cured meats were pioneered by butchers as far back as the Middle Ages. As a solution to the lack of refrigeration technology and scarcity of resources, meat curing techniques were established in order to use every part of the pig, which also showed respect for the animals and the environment. Prosciutto production began in the Parma region, a tradition that continues to this day.

In order to protect the meticulous curing methods and quality of ingredients, the Prosciutto di Parma Consortium was founded in 1963, an official organization that outlined the standards of production and also enforced the guidelines to ensure quality control. In 1970, the European Union gave prosciutto di Parma its DOP status (Protected Designation of Origin), which helps guarantee authenticity while also promoting this popular type of cured meat.

What makes Prosciutto di Parma different?

Like many made in Italy imports, prosciutto ham has a distinctive flavor that reflects the environment where it was produced. In fact, Italian ham can only be called prosciutto di Parma if the pigs are raised in the province of Parma. This area is known for its unique microclimate, which comes from the air that blows in from Versilia. Passing through a variety of landscapes, the air takes on the scent of the olives and pine groves of the Val the Magra. Then, the softened winds are infused with the buttery and nutty aroma of chestnuts from the Apennines before arriving in Parma; giving prosciutto meat a sweet flavor that’s like no other.

What are some uses for Prosciutto di Parma?

Prosciutto di Parma can be used in any recipe or dish where you might use ham. But it also tastes wonderful when thinly sliced and placed on a classic antipasto platter with cheeses and olives. Prosciutto meat is also famously used as an Italian pizza topping along with arugula, which would make a delicious and crowd-pleasing homemade meal. Another great use for prosciutto di Parma is on a Panini sandwich. Layer some sliced prosciutto and provolone between two slices of hearty Italian bread and you’ll have a scrumptious lunch you can make in a snap.

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