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Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle Cookies - 350g

UPC: 8076809500302

Product Description

Product Description:
Mulino Bianco Pan di Stella are Italian - lightly sweet chocolate cookies that are topped with sugar star icing.

Types of Cookies:
Mulino Bianco Pan di Stella Cookies

350 grams

Product of Italy

Product Reviews

  1. Brings back memories

    Posted by Raoul on 14th Jun 2013

    These were my favorite cookies when I was in high school in Italy. I remember eating up to half a bag with a big glass of milk. They are as good as I remembered them...sweet, but not to sweet...the combination of chocolate and hazelnut makes these cookies extremely good. I offered some of them to one of my American friends who grew up eating Oreos, and he said that these Italian cookies were much better.

  2. Mulino Bianco products are awesome!

    Posted by Neila on 7th Jun 2013

    Mulino Bianco products make me feel home... I'm Italian and what I miss most is the Italian food. Pan di Stelle and Abbracci are the best biscuits ever. Thanks Supermarket Italy!

  3. I love it!

    Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2013

    I'm Italian and I love these cookies!!

  4. Cookies are delicious of course,they are made by the best w/love and care,but variaty is the spice of life.

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2013

    Mulino bianco is worth the price,if the iprice is raised it will be sad though,because mulino bianco is the best in Italia.you can find better gourmet style but mulino is the best super market brand.I always bring or mail them back,because I can't eat the cookies here.everyhing here is loaded with hydrogenated oils.they are a death wish those oils,and they make u heavy and fat.enjoy these ladies,but remember to much of anything is bad.ha ha,but they are good arn't they.please order the dinner lemon cakes,almond cakes,and fonzies,a snack like Cheetos without all the orange dye.thank u.

  5. Average

    Posted by Willa on 11th Mar 2013

    Pan di stelle as well as all other mulino bianco products are well worth this price.Look at the American cookies.they are all to very sweet,and all has hydrogenized oils in them.that is very hard on your cholesterol etc: If u raise the price u will loose clients.the problem that I have is where are the wonderful dinner and snack cakes.I can't eat most of them because,most of them also has hydrogenated oil but
    People here would not have tasted anything like them and your sales would go through the roof.get more variety! Get fonzies it's like Cheetos but without all that orange colorant.thank u!

  6. Good but expensive

    Posted by Remo on 17th Oct 2012

    Same review of the other. The product is really good and we can tell it because we are Italian and we just moved to USA. We know that biscotti. The only problem is that the price is too high.

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