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Blooming with the title of Fliners rose, Caperberries are an abiding winter crop and commonly found in Asia or around the Mediterranean areas.

So, no wonder Italy is one of the prominent places where you can find these fruitful berries. Promising authentic Italian ingredients, Supermarket Italy brings to you the freshest and highest quality of organic, Italian caperberries in the heart of America.

Here a couple of health benefits that you can extract from caperberries:

1. Fat buster

Caperberries are literally known as fat busters. This is because these berries completely dismantle the excess fatty substance from your body when you eat too much red meat or other high calorie meals in your daily diet. 

2. Rich in minerals

Caperberries nourish your body with the essential minerals such as sodium, copper, iron and calcium. Each of these minerals has its own benefits to your body such as:

  • Iron helps in regulating oxygen in your bloodstream.
  • Calcium is responsible for strength building of your teeth and bones.

3. Rich in vitamins

Your body needs its daily dose of vitamins to function accurately and remain healthy. This is why you need capper berries as they allow your body to consumer the essential nutrients. Here are a few benefits of each vitamin:

  • Vitamin B2 acts as your body’s source of energy as it helps in converting the food into energy to keep you going through the day.
  • Vitamin A plays an unavoidably important role in keeping your eyesight healthy and improving it. It also combats against several cancerous cells and strengthens the body’s immunity system.
  • Vitamin K is essential for healthy bones.

4. Rich in antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are essential for your body since they prevent an unrestricted free radical flow in your body that potentially results in several diseases. This you can find in caperberries as they are crammed with rutin and quercetin. Here’s what these flavonoid elements do:

  • Rutin aids in a smooth, unhindered blood flow throughout your body. People who suffer from high blood pressure levels can really make use of caper berries.
  • Quercetin possesses not only anti-inflammatory but also antibacterial properties which makes it an essential nutrition for your body.

5. Natural moisturizer

Caperberries are natural skin moisturizers as they hydrate your skin. So, whether you rub some on your face directly or eat, you will most certainly enjoy a moisturized skin.

6. Helps in hair growth

As we talked about before, caperberries are rich in vitamin B and iron- both of which are useful in promoting hair growth. This is because vitamin B induces a healthy blood flow in your body which is essential in hair growth. And, the iron is a great way of preventing hair loss.

Caperberries are a rarity and only found in a limited amount of stores, but Supermarket Italy offers wild caperberries online.


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