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Our Favorite 5 Star Coffees


Buon giorno! Italy is synonymous with the great coffee roasters of the world, so it is no surprise that the coffees with 5 star ratings are all Italian brands: Lavazza, Dallmayr, and Illy. These coffee brands aren’t just known in Italy, but are famous all over the world. Whether your morning routine includes a cappuccino, a latte, or a macchiato, make sure you use only the finest Italian roasted coffee for your morning cup of java. In the afternoons or after a meal, Italians enjoy their coffee without milk – it’s simply espresso. Italians have been enjoying the fruits of their coffee traditions since the 1500s. No wonder that they have perfected the art of coffee roasting as well as coffee imbibing at neighborhood cafés. Here are a few of our favorite 5 star coffees from Supermarket Italy. But don’t take our word for it – read what some of our satisfied customers have to say!

Lavazza Gran Riserva Espresso Whole Bean

“I love this coffee, Europe's favorite. It has had the edges mellowed with age and is the perfect blend. At the price Supermarket Italy sells it for, it doesn't make sense to buy anywhere else! I couldn't be more happy with it.” [CB1] As noted by the happy customer, this coffee is a perennial favorite. With subtle aromas of chocolate and spice, this comforting coffee has a rich and smooth mouth-feel. Experience the smoothness by letting it roll over your tongue as the aroma wafts through the air.

Lavazza 100% Premium Arabic Whole Bean Caffe Espresso Coffee

If you need a coffee wake up call, this espresso coffee is a favorite of the early riser. One customer commented that this coffee has “Perfect taste especially for shakes or early morning.” A big time eye-opener for the a.m., its subtle notes of floral and spice is perfect with milk in a traditional morning cappuccino, or simply by itself as an afternoon espresso or after a meal. As described in the customer review, it could also be used in a coffee shake, which is becoming a trendy breakfast option for on-the-go people.

Lavazza Crema E Gusto Forte Whole Beans

“I have tried tons of different coffees and can confidently state that this is some of the best coffee on the market (at least in the US). If you like Italian style espresso with a little spice, this is the coffee for you. Highly recommended!” This customer tried them all, but came to the conclusion that this coffee was the best in the U.S. With a slightly spicy aroma and hints of mocha, one sip of this coffee blend and you’ll be instantly transported to a café in Italy.

Dallmayr Prodomo Ground Coffee

Another customer has a ‘latte’ love for Dallymayr coffee: “I love this coffee. It is mild, not bitter at all and works equally well in my drip coffee maker and my coffee press. Comes in a vacuum packed brick and therefore stays fresh forever!!” With a rich flavor and smooth taste, it has the perfect balance between taste and aroma. If you are seeking a brew with a mellow taste that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, this is the coffee for you.

Illy Medium Roast Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

If you are a picky coffee connoisseur, try this 100% Arabica whole bean coffee. A customer commented that, “These beans are high quality arabica. Excellent for espresso, americano, or cappuccino. My favorite!” With flavors of caramel, chocolate and baked goods, this coffee pairs perfectly with a morning pastry such as a chocolate croissant or Danish. With this classic espresso coffee, enjoy the feeling of preparing and drinking the best Italian coffee in the world.

Illy Medium Roast Ground Moka Coffee

“I like Italian coffee. Very good service.” What more is there to say? It’s the convenience of ground coffee with all the aromas and flavors you’ve come to expect from Illy brand Italian coffee. The smooth, velvety taste has hints of floral and spice and a subtle flavor reminiscent of dark chocolate. This 100% Arabica coffee is the perfect blend for your morning cup of espresso or coffee, and is suitable for all types of coffeemakers.

Whether it’s your morning coffee, an afternoon pick-me-up, or after a meal, Italian coffees from the famous Italian coffee roasters will give you the robust, flavorful, and supremely enjoyable jolt you need to brighten up your day. Savor the bold aromas as you fire up the cappuccino or espresso maker to whip up a cup of your favorite brew, and enjoy the camaraderie when you join with your friends over a caffè italiano! As someone who truly savors only the highest quality gourmet coffees, you owe it to yourself to indulge in the finest Italian coffees available.


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