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What to Give Your Acquaintances This Holiday Season


It’s time to pull out the wrapping paper and ribbons, dust off your baubles and candles and retrieve your favorite recipes. Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are officially upon us. December is a cozy time to come together and celebrate family, life, and the year to come.

As special as this time of year can be, it can also be a stressful one. Sure, it’s enjoyable to pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones, but they aren’t the only people giving you—and perhaps expecting— presents over the festive season.

As the holidays loom, prioritizing your obligations can be a game changer. You only have so much energy— let’s make sure you’re applying it where it matters most. Put your creative efforts into choosing the right gift for your close friends, family and other loved ones. For acquaintances and people you don’t really know, let us do the work.

Check out our handy cheat sheet! We’ve matched ideal gifts to all of those people in your life that you like, but don’t exactly know.

2. Your Favorite Yoga Teacher

If you feel you owe your inner peace (and banging body) to your yoga instructor, it’s nice to say “Thank you!” for everything you’ve learned from them. This year, we’re giving our yoga instructors a healing crystal kit from Energy Muse. This lovely kit contains an assorted collection of three powerful healing “sun crystals;” citrine, yellow jasper, and pyrite, as well as a detailed card explaining the special properties behind the gems.

It’s a thoughtful gift some somebody devotes their own time to helping others heal their minds and bodies.

2. Your Brothers New Girlfriend

We have a familiar situation for you: the weekend before the big family dinner, your brother casually calls you up and mentions that he’s bringing his new girlfriend—and her three dogs. Also, she’s allergic to half the ingredients you were planning to cook.

This could be the first of many holidays with her, and it’s important to make sure she feels comfortable and welcomed with your family. But you have no idea who she is or what she likes— aside from dogs and your brother, apparently.

A luxurious bottle of hand lotion will ensure that your last-minute guest feels not only included, but pampered. It’s a perfect winter gift; who doesn’t need protection against chapped hands as the weather plummets?

We’re especially fond of this lavender and neroli scented therapeutic hand cream by DERMA*E. Composed of organic oils and extracts, the lush lotion is loaded up with shea butter and vitamin E, making it the ideal companion for dry, wintry skin. It’s also 100% vegan and contains no soy or gluten, which makes it a safer option to give someone with dietary or other sensitivities. We love it for its ability to sink right into the skin— that’s some serious hydration power!

3. Your Part-Time Babysitter

Even when she’s up to her ears in homework, she’s always more than happy to walk up the street to babysit for a few hours. A reliable casual babysitter is a valuable person to have in your life. When the holidays roll around, she, too, deserves a token of your appreciation. But what to get her? If her ever-evolving style is any indication, it’ll be hard to find something that she’ll actually like for more than a week.

Trends will come and go, but one thing seems to remain a constant: teens generally love candy, chocolate, and sweets. If your Nutella jar is often considerably emptier after the babysitter leaves, why not surprise her this December with a beautifully wrapped box of Baci bonbons? These iconic Italian treats feature a whole hazelnut enrobed in chocolate and are filled with gianduja. It’s the same delectable hazelnut and chocolate paste that gives Nutella its signature flavor.

4. Your Regular Barista

Being a regular somewhere is a great feeling! If you pop into your local cafe so often that the barista makes your regular coffee when he sees you walk through the door, it might be worth it to express your gratitude you with a small holiday gift. After all, he’s making your morning commute smoother every day!

Any coffee aficionado will be delighted to receive this Fiasconaro Tradizionale Panettone, a beautiful Christmas cake imported from Italy. Flavored with an intriguing blend of Sicilian honey, wine, and winter fruits, it’s a special treat that will go beautifully with his favorite espresso.

5. Your Hairdresser

He somehow knows everything about you— seriously, is there truth serum in the shampoo or something? Somehow, you aren’t sure what your stylist or barber might like for the holidays. All you know is that you’d like to offer some kind of token of your appreciation for the new ‘do he’s giving you in time for your office party.

For hairdressers, or any other professionals who are their feet all day, it’s important to stay hydrated. We love giving our stylists the Pressa™Bottle, an innovative glass container that can squeeze fruits or herbs into the bottle for delightfully flavored water. The bottles themselves are dishwasher friendly and come in seafoam, pink, and grey.

6. Your New Neighbors

They only just moved in, but they’ll be at the annual neighborhood party. You don’t know anything about them, other than seeing them when you are about to drive to the office and they are returning from an early morning coffee run.

Say “welcome to the block” with a bag of Lavazza Crema e Gusto coffee. It’s one less thing for them to need to buy while they set up their new home, and it’s already ground, in case their coffee grinder is at the bottom of a cardboard box somewhere.

7. Your Pet Sitter

For pet owners, holiday travel can be a bit complicated. Dogs and cats may be fabulous companions, but it doesn’t always work to bring them alongside you on vacation.

If you have someone pet or house sitting for you while you go on vacation this year, say “Thank you!” and ensure they have a comfortable stay with a pair of cushy slippers. After all, they’re caring for your furry friends—you want them to feel at home!

These white velour slippers tick all the boxes for a perfect pet sitter gift: they are cozy, go with most loungewear, and have a relaxing, luxury-spa feel to them. They feature non-skid soles, which will come in handy if they need to chase away a rodent your cat brought inside as their own little gift. 

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